Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Remembering Aid?

The other day we were teasing Miguel about not being able to hear very good. I told him I was going to get him a hearing aid for Christmas. (We then found out that he just has selective hearing:)
Today at dinner we were joking around again and Logan said the funniest thing. He said "we should get Dad a remembering aid because he always forgets things." Maybe this is one of those times that you "had to be there" but it was very funny!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I just wanted to take a minute and express my thanks for the many blessings that I have. These are in no particular order, this is just what I have been thinking about lately.

1-Good health-as I have been doing some research and reading about other people who now have Crohn's disease, I once again am reminded what a blessing it is to have good health. I feel great! Physically I am able to do ALL that I need and want to do. Mentally I feel strong, more confident in WHO I am. Spiritually I have been blessed beyond measure and have been given more gifts of the spirit than I am worthy.
2-My family-As I watch my husband continue to work a horrible shift and the sacrifice that he is making so that I can be at home with our children, I am in complete AWE. He does this without complaining!! My oldest boy is such a good kid, fun to be around, and a good example to his younger siblings. My favorite daughter, is so thoughtful and caring, she has such a big heart. My youngest boy, is a spitfire, he is fun, he has taught me so much, and he tries so hard to be good. My dog is growing up and not such a crazy puppy anymore. She is so obedient lately. I feel safe with her around. (And I thought I didn't like dogs:) Who knew!)
3-The wonderful blessing of being able to be a stay at home mom. As I have faced the idea of having to go to work it has made me realize just how much I cherish the time I am at home, and what a HUGE blessing it is. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
4-Peace-I have felt a wonderful peace in my life lately. I am grateful for it, strive to keep it that way, and hope to eminate that to others. With the Lord in charge, life gets so much easier! It truly takes all the pressure off me.
5-Eternal families-The thought of being able to be with my family (extended etc.) is such a blessing. There are 2 special people I look forward to getting to know again. Miguels mother, and my paternal grandmother. For some reason I have a special connection with these two ladies. My grandmother passed away when I was 5 years old. Miguel's mother passed away when my oldest son was just a few months old. Both of these women were ill for a long time before passing, so I didn't have the opportunity to know them very well on earth.
6-I am grateful that Miguel's father moved back to the states, and he made it in time for the holidays. Special circumstances made that happen.

There are SO MANY more things, but that's all for now, feel free to share what you are thankful for also.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Architecture of All Abundance Capter 8 (Part 1): by Lenedra Carroll

It has been a REALLY long time since I have posted from this book. I was thinking about it last night and how much it has helped me, so I decided to post on it today.

Chapter 8
"Money Money Money"
"I deeply believed that money was the basis of most of my own needs, and that my dreams could not move forward without it."

As you will see this is absolutely not true, keep reading.

"There are many ideas we have accepted about money, value, lack, work, and worth. These ideas form a belief system that creates the principles that we operate by regarding money. They vastly influence our relationships and dreams."

I challenge you to write down your "thoughs and beliefs" about money. Examples: there is never enough money, only the rich get richer, it is bad to have money, it is bad to receive help from others, people without money are happier, etc etc.
Lenedra then suggests replacing the word "money" with "power," or "love," "time," and "success."

"To change our relationship to prosperity, we must first see what our current relationship to it is."

Lenedra goes on to say that we should value our time as much as we value our money. "What are you worth to yourself?" For instance: would you spend $30 to have someone mow the lawn or clean your home so you could spend more time with your children, or develope a talent, or serve or create, or fulfill a dream?

"I know we can become so bound by the idea of what we cannot afford that we can hardly breathe, let alone take a class or pay someone else to clean our house or mow the lawn. But I also know that at the core it is NEVER about the money. There is ALWAYS a way for the determined person to understand their purpose and dream, and be guided to its fulfillment. There are moments in one's life when one has to stretch, to risk, to leap forward naked into the wind."

At one point in Lenedra's life she was divorced and was only qualified for minimum wage jobs. However she did not let that stop her. She did not just go and get ANY job. She set the standard of a minimum wage for herself ($25.00 per hour). Keep in mind this was over 10 years ago. She CHOSE to teach art and music classes. She taught self-help and spiritual development classes. SHE FOUND A WAY!

"In business it is necessary to invest a good share of the earnings back into the business so that is remains healthy and generative over time. In the same way, your investment in yourself will bring the highest gain."

How are you going to invest in yourself?
Ask yourself this question: In my personal economy, what do you value? Some answers; love, freedom, joy, fulfillment, people, community, creativity, nature, spiritual growth etc etc.

"Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness. As you can conceive of more, more will come into your life."
--Louise Hay

Think about that. You do not have to know the way, you just believe and then be ready to put faith into action. This applies to spiritual growth as well as temporal growth.
Do you want a stronger testimony? Do you want to have a witness about a gospel truth? Do you want to be able to hear the "still small voice" more frequently? Do you want to share the gospel openly? PUT THE IDEA INTO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN, AND TAKE THE OPPORTUNITIES WHEN THEY COME.
Do you want more temporal growth? Not sure what to do with your life? Not sure about the next big business decision? How can you make more money? How can you work less hours? PUT IT INTO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, KNOW THAT THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY OR IDEA WILL COME, THEN ACT ON IT!

Part 2 coming up next. This was A Lot to think about.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bosch Class

Today's class went really great. Thank you to all who came. We had only 4 people signed up, but 16 came!!!!! That was really exciting. The people seemed to really like the recipes, and the book. One lady even commented that out of all of the classes she has come to, where they were also selling a book, mine was the one she was most exicted about. Humbling! I am so grateful for this opportunity. It is amazing how something so horrible "crohn's disease" could turn into something so meaningful and good. I am very blessed!
Next class at the Bosch store will be in December, unless I decide to wait until January because of the holidays. I look forward to it though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hi everyone. I have really been slacking on the blog thing lately. I just wanted to let you know I have 2 different classes coming up that you might be interested in.
1-Bosch Kitchen Center; I will be teaching a cooking class on wednesday. REALLY GOOD whole wheat muffins and EVEN BETTER breakfast cake. I will be serving the muffins with homemade pear butter, sweetened with honey!!! Delicious!!
2-Whole Foods Market; I will be teaching a class there on Overcoming Crohn's disease. How I healed myself, and what you can do too!!

This is the part of owning a business that I LOVE! Being able to teach and share with other people what I have learned. That brings purpose and meaning into my life.