Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You know sometimes we fight change, we kick against change, we cry at change, we would do anything to make everything stay the same in our lives.

What a struggle that is! Stop IT! What happens to a tree that won't bend? It breaks! Do you want to break? NO! So, then, bend with the changes in your life, embrace them!

Big changes are coming our way, and I am excited! God is good!

I recently learned a new concept that has deeply impacted me, and I would like to share it with all of you. Because as you know I have SO MANY readers! Ha Ha!

My new motto........."it just IS."

Nothing is either good or bad, UNTIL YOU decide (make a story) to make it that way! It is YOUR choice, to choose whether any given circumstance is good or bad. There is good in ALL things, you just have to look for it, "become aware of it!"
Once you open your awareness to all that is good (which has always been there) you will now recognize it!

Here is a funny example of what I mean. I was comparing my home the other day, to that of my neighbors. I have one neighbor who is very neat, and clean and organized and tidy ALL of the time. At times I have felt inferior to her cleaning abilities. I have another neighbor who is not so much in the previous category. And here I am in the middle. So............if I compare (make a story) to look at the first nieghbor's home, and compare it to mine, my home would look messy. On the other hand if I compare (make a story) to the second neighbor's home, my home would look neat and clean. IT JUST IS!!!!!! My home is neither messy, nor clean, IT JUST IS!!!

Do you know how freeing this is? Play with this concept a little bit, it is amazing how fun it is! "Make your stories" so that you see the good!
Good luck!

P.S. Tanner just informed me that the above sentence "At times I have felt inferior to her cleaning abilities." Is the nerdiest sentence he has ever heard. But you know what...............It Just Is! It is neither nerdy or cool, it just is!

Go try it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Architecture of All Abundance: Chapter 7

Architecture of All Abundance--By Lenedra J. Carroll
Chapter 7--Lilies of the Field

"We wake in the morning feeling we didn't get enough sleep, hurry through our day without taking sufficient nourishment, we feel we lack time for our friends, children, obligations, for ourselves. We think we lack enough money for our dreams. Frequently we feel we don't have enough energy or health for our day. Insufficiency, lack---isn't there ever enough?"

These feelings can be so strong at times, that we tend to hoard, and cling to all that we have afraid to let go.

"....the economy of greed at work in each of our lives. The truth is that there is more than enough of everything. There is sufficient for all our requirements and dreams. We are unable to see it, to know it, but providence is there."

"What is the antidote to greed? It is knowing that all we require is already before us; we simply don't see it."

This is where our thoughts come in. If you change your thoughts to---"I have abundance in my life, I have all that I need, and enough to spare." Even if, this is not currently true. All that you need will come!!! I am not just speaking of temporal things, but spiritual as well!!

Change your awareness!!

How many of you are now homeless, or without food and the basic necessities of life? How many of you REALLY think that could ever happen to you?

When you change your thoughts to the "abundance mentality," you are showing faith in Heavenly Father that He will always take care of you.

"Add up all the moments you have no need. You will see that the moments in which you are free of need far outweigh the others."
".........Do not limit how the Source (Heavenly Father) will express this to you. Hold your requirements more lightly. KNOW they already exist for you! You live within a divinely provident universe. Speak your requirements softly and certainly, knowing they are already there for you. Simply call them forth, each in their own time. No sooner is required. "

  • "It is not necessary or productive to have worry or doubt regarding my requirements."
  • "All that I require is contained within the kingdom of Being."
  • "Instead of striving for my needs, seek the kingdom; all within it is provided for me."
  • "It is God's pleasure to provide me with the kingdom."
  • "God is righteous---aligned with principles of justice."
  • "Providence is one of these principles."

"The abundance of God is like a mighty ocean, so vast you cannot possibly exhaust it or cause a shortage for others. You can go to this inexhaustible ocean with a small cup and bring away only that small cup of bounty and blessing. Or...you can take a bucket and bring away a bucketful. It makes no difference to the ocean. Nor does it matter how often you go...abundance is always there." Henry Hamblin

If you can wrap your brain around this, and believe it. I believe you will have TRUE FAITH.

I am sure this has already happened in your life without you even realizing it! Think about it.

Go try it and see what comes into your life! Put it to the test!

And please, ALWAYS give thanks to Heavenly Father for these blessings!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Update

I just got the second "final" copy of my book. We made 3 more changes. I am supposed to have them by August. Can I just say.......patience is a virtue!

Before I complain too much, I believe there has been a "purpose" in all of this waiting, and I need to thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful blessings that have come about.

Because the book has taken this long, I have been given another marketing opportunity, that will make a significant difference, and open many more doors.

NEVER doubt the Lord or HIS timing!

Never, Never, Never doubt the Lord. He knows all! If you can put ALL of your trust in Him, then you have no need for worry. ABSOLUTELY NO WORRY!

I feel so grateful!

Thought for the day

DREAM BIG! You don't have to know "how" you are going to accomplish your dream, you just have to "know" that you can!