Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally some news!!

I have FINALLY heard back from the publisher on my book. They were working with one printer (press), and according to the publishers words " they were trying to pull some shananagins." So they discontinued working with that printer(press) and have now sent my book to another printer. The publisher also asked if they could hurry it along a little bit, since we have already lost so much time (more than a month). It shouldn't be long now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The mercies of the Lord are infinite!

For the last few weeks I have felt very discouraged. About what? My book is not yet finished, the weather seems to think it is still winter, my future, my next step in life and how I am going to get there. I am sure the list is longer, but lets try to keep it somewhat simple. So the other night I was praying, crying, begging, pleading, asking for help, what do I do next? A book I recently purchased came to mind. Hidden Treasures by Leslie Householder. I just started reading it, so didn't realize the answers for my future, and my next step in life, AND how to get there, are all contained in this book. Not only that, but Leslie Householder has a website, with more helps, and suggestions. I even e-mailed her, and received a response from her the VERY SAME DAY! That is blessing number one. Blessing number two, I was un-expectedly given a cash gift from someone. Blessing number three, I was given a marketing opportunity, for when my book is finished. Blessing number four, I went to Walmart to purchase some turkey manure for our garden. There was no price tag, so I asked the young guy how much it was, he said probably around $1.47, because that was the price of the steer manure. I took 4 bags to the register and they rang up as $5.97 each. I told the clerk, I didn't want them, because the other guy told me they were around $1.47. Instead of taking them back, the clerk only charged me $1.97 for each bag.

When we completely submit to the Lord's will and help, He is always there! Why is it so hard to ALWAYS remember that?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Architecture of All Abundance Chapter 5


John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

"Our interactions on even the smallest level are very often not peaceful."
"This results in the turmoil that creates a world of individuals living in disharmony with each other and all their resources."

"With the addition of, "My peace be with you," I realized that peace already existed. It was there, gifted, all around me. I didn't have to try to find it--it dwelt in the stillness within and surrounding me; I needed to learn to access it and to express it."

"This propelled me into an exploration of learning to access peace and seeing how a human being could become a pure expression of it in both thought and action."

"What can I master within myself?"

"Taking time to center in the stillness of our Being, we access resources greater than our common tendencies and abilities; it then becomes possible to operate in more elevated ways."


Still your self.
Shhh. Grow still.
Hear the silence.
In the quiet
know God.

Lenedra J. Carroll

What I take from this is..........
1-Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ have already given us ALL that we need. It is only a matter of us putting it into action. (Faith is an action word) I ask myself this often, "do I trust the Lord?" if I do, then I have NO need for worry or fear. Worry and fear are Satan's tools, to stop us from progressing.
2-In order for me to "feel" peace in my life, I have to BE PEACE. In my very soul, I have to have peaceful feelings. If I allow negative thoughts or feelings to creep in, the peaceful feeling vanishes. I believe this "peace" is the Holy Ghost, and were we to ALWAYS have the "spirit" with us, we would think and treat others with peace.
3-Last but not least, I have come to believe and know for myself, that this world is TOO NOISY!!!! We HAVE to find ways of shutting out the noise, and find time for quiet prayer, reflection and meditation. Maybe get up 15 minutes earlier, or go to bed 15 minutes later. Go in your backyard on a quiet day, lay down on the grass, dream and breath your life the way you want it to be. Turn off the t.v. the radio, the phone, etc etc. Anything that makes noise in your home. Get to "know" the peace "feeling" in your heart and in your mind.

Now for the challenge, once you have mastered the peaceful "feeling" in quiet and solitude. Practice it at work, at play, with screaming kids, driving, at the store, when faced with a new task, in any stressful situation. If you practice this, you WILL be able to connect with the "peace" feeling in any circumstance.

I am not great at this YET, but am working on it, and have been able to stay calm in some frustrating situations, and because of that, I have had a better outcome, in those circumstances.

All things in RED are taken from Architecture of All Abundance by: Lenedra J. Carroll.

Good Luck everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Okay, so I need to get back on my "positive attitude outfit." I am thankful for the moisture we have had this winter. It has been nice to have cooler (COLD) weather, so I don't have to complain about the heat. White snow looks pretty. Green grass from all the white snow, looks even prettier. I am thankful for a home with heat, electricity, running water, and bathroom facilities. I am thankful for potatoes. (just thought I would throw that one in there.) I am thankful for the extra "stuffing" I have gained over the winter, to keep me warm, and for all of the good food I have consumed to gain this warmth.

That's all I can handle right now. I am feeling ill.


I feel I need to explain my choice of topics. Exercise: because I need to, Frustration: because I took off that outfit, Fun: because this was a little sarcastic, (if you didn't notice), Gratitude: because I really am thankful for potatoes, Healthy Eating: because I have been EATING all winter long, Personal Growth: because I have grown, with all of the food I have been eating.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Will This Winter NEVER End!!!!!!



Yesterday I made the best donuts I have ever made!! Everyone loved them!! I didn't use 100% whole wheat, because I wanted to try the recipe first and see if it would turn out, so I used about 1/2 white flour and 1/2 wheat flour. They did turn out, so next time I will use 100% whole wheat, I don't even think you will be able to tell. I also used the "evil and dreaded" powdered sugar to make the glaze. (Sometimes I have to make my family happy for a minute)
So if anyone has a great glaze idea, pass it on, I would love to try something different. The glaze I made was good, but WAY too sweet for me. I will come up with something different next time.

**Just a little tip. When deep frying, the best oil I have found, that gives ANYTHING the absolute BEST flavor is...........................believe it or not, coconut oil. You can find this in health food stores. When I use other oils, they tend to give a rancid taste, especially if eaten the next day. With coconut oil, you NEVER get that because it is a stable fat.
French fries are great, sweet potato fries are great, scones are great, donuts, you name it, it tastes especially GOOD!!

Coconut oil, in my opinion is the ONLY oil you should deep fry with. Most other oils either can't handle the heat, or are already rancid when you buy them.