Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Update

Okay, so here I am again waiting, waiting, waiting for my book to be done. I talked to the publisher today. He finally got in touch with his people in Korea and said they had been out of the office. Maybe things will get moving now! I guess I just have to be a little more assertive. I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Architecture of All Abundance Chapter 6

I am sorry I have been a slacker with this chapter. Anyway....here it goes.......
This book is by Lenedra J. Carroll
Chapter 6 is titled "Natural Systems"

I love this sentence........."the fruit of silence is the first hunger of my soul."

I ask this question-How often, how many times per week, do you treat yourself to silence?
I believe you have to practice "in silence" and then you will be able to....as the book says....

"I have become adept at moving from silence to action, action to silence---back and forth in a comfortable rhythm---but I have begun to sense that I can now learn to stay in the silence in all that I am---my work, my play, under stress, in everything."

Another great quote....."He is wise who sees action in inaction and inaction in action."

I ask this question-How often are we so caught up in action, in doing, in being busy, that whatever we are doing has no purpose? Are your actions purposeful? What is your purpose here on earth and how can you fulfill them?

"Without the stillness we move into action prematurely, ineffectively, and with much higher cost of our resources."

"Time spent in nature, in silence, prayer, meditation, or entranced by music, poetry, yoga, even exercise, or the many other things that take us into and beyond our individual selves gives us familiarity with the stillness that is a necessary element of life.

Learn to step back, breathe, pause, slow down, pace yourself. Find the "stillness" in everyday life. This shift of energy will make you more productive and will be more rewarding.

Imagine your thoughts go like this "Oh, I have so much to do."
"I will never be able to finish all of this."
"I never get to do the things I want to."
"My work never ends."
"My life is too busy."
Consider changing those thoughts to this
"I am grateful my life is full."
"I got a lot done today."
"I feel happy that I make the time to do things I really love."
"It feels great to accomplish so much."
"My life has purpose and meaning."

Just reading the second list of thoughts makes me feel better already. Guard your thoughts, own your thoughts, because soon you will be living your thoughts.

I cannot be any more profound than that.
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Schools out, Yeah!

These past couple of weeks seem to have flown by, with so many things going on. I am glad school is out! It gives me more time with my kids, especially the older ones. I don't get to just "hang out" with them as much as I would like during the school year.

I have so many things going through my brain right now, it is hard for me to pinpoint what to write about.

I have become completely OBSESSED with moving to a place where we can have more land. Maybe 5 acres or so. I want a huge garden, fruit trees, nut trees, grape vines, maybe even some animals. Goats, chickens, even a miniature cow. They are really cute! Of course I want to do this with help. Ideally I would like to hire someone part time to take care of the animals, so we wouldn't be tied to them 24-7. My dream is to be as self sufficient as possible. I believe it would be a great learning experience for my whole family.

So, if you are ever talking to me, and I look like I am not listening. I am probably on my little farm (in my head), walking down my dirt road on a cool summer morning, with a slight breeze in the air. It smells of fresh cut grass, rich soil, and clean air. Every once in a while, you get just a whiff of blossoms on the fruit trees, and homemade baked bread from an open window. Mmmmm. All I can hear is the breeze and children playing and laughing in the background, maybe a dog barking once in a while "come play with me."

Sorry I have to leave now, its time to go check on the animals.......................................
Oh, and don't wake me up from my dream please, even if I am already awake!